Released Title Label Record No.
2008 Everybody's Famous Track Records -
2007 Reuben Track Records -
2006 One Trick Pony Track Records -
2004 I'll See You In My Dreams Track Records -
1999 On A Day Like This Round Tower Music RTMS9901CD
1999 That's The Way The World Goes Round Round Tower Music RTMS9902CD
1997 Old Chunk Of Coal Demon JBPROMO1
1993 Come On Joe Joe Brown Prod'ns UGCD001
1983 Give Us A Break BBC RESL134
1981 Hey Mama TFC TFC1
1979 Free Inside Acrobat BAT10
1977 The Boxer Power Exchange PX252
1977 All Things Bright & Beautiful Power Exchange PX261
1976 Always Laughing Pinnacle P8434
1974 Tenessee Mashman Vertigo 6059099
1974 Build A Wall Vertigo 6059110
1973 Hey Mama Ammo AMO101
1970 Molly Perkins Penny Farthing PEN718
1969 Sweet Music / Suzanne MCA MU1082
1968 Bottle Of Wine MCA MU1003
1968 Davy The Fat Boy MCA MU1030
1967 With A Little Help From My Friends Pye 7N17339
1966 Sea Of Heartbreak Pye 7N17074
1966 Little Ray Of Sunshine Pye 7N17135
1966 A Satisfied Mind Pye 7N17184
1965 Teardrops In The Rain Pye 7N15784
1965 Sicilian Tarantella Pye 7N15888
1965 Charlie Girl Pye 7N15983
1964 You Do Things To Me Piccadilly 7N35163
1964 Don't / Just Like That Piccadilly 7N35194
1963 That's What Love Will Do Piccadilly 7N35106
1963 Nature's Time For Love Piccadilly 7N35129
1963 Sally Ann Piccadilly 7N35138
1963 Little Ukelele Piccadilly 7N35150
1962 What A Crazy World We're Livin in Piccadilly 7N35024
1962 A Picture Of You Piccadilly 7N35047
1962 Your Tender Look Piccadilly 7N35058
1962 It Only Took A Minute Piccadilly 7N35082
1961 Shine / The Switch Pye 7N15322
1961 Crazy Mixed Up Kid Piccadilly 7N35000
1961 I'm Henry The Eighth Piccadilly 7N35005
1960 The Darktown Strutters Ball Decca F11207
1960 Jellied Eels Decca F11246
1959 People Gotta Talk Decca F11185