Tom Leary

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If you mention the name Tom Leary in some circles it is almost revered

Tom who hails from the North East is one of the Uk’s best exponents of the fiddle and his talents have adorned some of our most famous band names.Joe met Tom by chance when he moved to the village of Cropredy a few of years ago.

Wishing to find a tutor for the fiddle Joe spoke to his old mate Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention a former village resident who introduced Joe to Tom.

Tom is held in high esteem by the members of fairport and their circle of friends and it is not for nothing. His playing has graved bands such as Lindisfarne, and Folk Rock Supergroup Feast Of Fiddles whose members from time to time are musicians from Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and Show Of Hands.

Tom is also a regular member of bands such as the Gary Fletcher Band (Gary also plays with The Blues Band) and Richard Digance but has also regularly featured with Bernie Marsden and Steve Gibbons bands.

Tom has released several albums and his first two Solo CD releases both achieved Q Magazine 3 Star reviews.